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Post by lisazieg on Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:22 pm

This glucose is then converted into energy by the body with the help of insulin. This is a hormone produced by the pancreas. If there is an insufficient amount of insulin in the body, it will lead to improper absorption of glucose by the body. Thus, the level of glucose in the blood rises leading to increase in blood sugar level. HL12 Diabetes There are two types of diabetes that can affect people. Type 1 diabetes, also called juvenile onset or insulin dependent diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, or adult onset or non-insulin dependent diabetes are the two types. Type 1 diabetes affects children and young adults, as their body does not produce any insulin. Thus, making them dependent on insulin injections for survival. Type 2 diabetes occurs in people over 40 and those who are obese, have a family history of diabetes and unhealthy lifestyle. Is There a Genetic Risk in Developing Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that is commonly seen in adults as well as children and young adults these days. Most of the time, if one or both or the parents have diabetes, their children seem to develop diabetes during some time of their life. This is very common and people often think diabetes runs in their families. Hereditary Risk for Type 1 Diabetes Genes are passed on from parents to their children. Of these genes, when the child inherits the gene for Type 1 diabetes, he or she may develop it at some point of their life. However, if these genes are absent, a person will not develop type 1 diabetes. Statistically speaking, if both parents have type 1 diabetes, there is 30% chance that the child will develop type 1 diabetes. If it is just the mother with type 1 diabetes, there is 4% chance that offspring born before she was 25 years will have type 1 diabetes. If the mother crossed 25 years of age, there is just 1% chance the child will develop diabetes. In case of the father, there is 6% chance his child will develop diabetes. Hereditary Risk for.


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